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The Acclaimed JPS Guides: Handy Books on Key Jewish Topics

June 30, 2009

So many Jewish books, so little time. What should you read next?

How did the Bible become the Bible?

Why is the mezuzah affixed to a door on an angle?

If you have the questions, our JPS Guides have the answers! Handy, concise books in an engaging format offer a wealth of information on a wide range of Jewish topics, convenient for anyone who might want to know – from those with little Jewish knowledge to those with a lot, and anyone in between.

Praise for the JPS Guides:

“This collection will hold an important place in any library and will serve as a wonderful volume for reading groups to share.” - Riv-Ellen Prell, Professor of American Studies, University of Minnesota, on American Jewish Fiction: A JPS Guide

"The JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions is the jewel in the crown, to date, in the esteemed ... reference series. It's the perfect gift for the curious Jew, scholar or layperson." --Jewish Exponent

“Anyone embarking on a voyage through the Bible needs a guide … JPS has produced a concise guide that will help anyone engaged in Bible study. …this is an excellent book for school, synagogue, and public libraries. Both students and teachers will want personal copies, as well.” – AJL (Association of Jewish Libraries) Newsletter on The Jewish Bible: A JPS Guide

Each of these books covers a specific topic of key interest and offers a practical and authoritative introduction to the subject, providing a diverse range of information in a handy and engaging format.

Current volumes in the series include:

American Jewish Fiction, by Josh Lambert

An indispensible guide to 125 remarkable works of fiction, written from 1867 to the present, this volume takes the guesswork out of book selection as you browse through plot summaries, author information, and the historical context of each work.

The Jewish Bible, by JPS with advisors Shalom Paul, Fred Greenspahn, and Ziony Zevit

Keep this Bible guide on hand for ready access to important facts and Bible basics. A must-have companion to your JPS Tanakh!

Jewish Traditions, by Ronald Eisenberg

Everything you ever wanted to know -- and more -- on all aspects of Jewish life and practice: life-cycle events, holidays, ritual and prayer, Jewish traditions and customs, and more.

Dictionary of Jewish Words, by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic

Wondering what a certain word means, or where it came from? This convenient volume contains an astounding 1,200 entries derived from Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic and English.

American Jewish History, by Norman Finkelstein

Discover the amazing, colorful story of American Jewry – going back 350 years – and the remarkable impact that the Jews have had on American history.