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You Don't Have to Be Jewish to Speak Jewish

September 30, 2009

A sprinkling of Hebrew here, a pinch of Yiddish there, spices up anyone’s conversation!

Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic, aka the “Word Mavens,” happily report on their website,, that their book, Dictionary of Jewish Words: A JPS Guide, has been embraced by both Jewish and Christian, secular and religious, and academic and lay readers. It has been reprinted, studied, used and referenced in numerous ways.

“Several Christian publishers, recognizing the Dictionary’s user-friendly blend of scholarship and readability, have added the book to their collections for pastors, theologians, Christian lay-leadership and students – anyone interested in learning more about Judaism in an easy-to-read, modern, enjoyable format,” according to Eisenberg and Scolnic.

The growing diversity of Jewish word-droppers is really not surprising; in fact, these days it’s pretty common for just about anyone to pepper their conversations with “Jewish” words or expressions, easily found in this handy reference volume. Widely cited as the go-to resource for the most common Jewish words in use today, the Dictionary of Jewish Words includes words associated with Jewish holidays, foods, lifecycle events, history, and more.

So, nu? Don’t be left out! Check out this delightful book and find out more about the "Word Mavens" on our website and theirs; it’s a real mechayeh!