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JPS Offers FREE Downloadable Teachers/Readers Guides to Key Titles

November 15, 2009

JPS authors’ study guides are available free and online at the JPS website – they are ideal teaching tools for use in:

· Day schools, middle schools and high schools

· Adult education courses

· Bible study groups

We are pleased to offer these invaluable teacher aides, easily downloadable from our website, to further enrich the reading and learning experience for both students and teachers.

The JPS Illustrated Children’s Bible

Retold by Ellen Frankel ♦ Illustrated by Avi Katz

Frankel’s Teacher’s Guide is an excellent supplement to this visually stunning volume, which features 53 Jewish Bible stories thoughtfully retold as never before for young children. Geared to grades 2-6, the guide covers a variety of classroom subjects: Bible, Judaism, Christianity, Religion and Scripture, each with a range of relevant topics to spark lively discussion and enhance learning. Frankel also provides suggestions for related readings.

The Commentators’ Bible: The JPS Miqrao’ot Gedolot

Annotated and translated by Michael Carasik

A Short Study Guide to The Commentators’ Bible, by Neal Scheindlin

The highly acclaimed JPS Miqra’ot Gedolot series (Exodus and Leviticus now available) features the words of classical medieval Jewish scholars, translated into contemporary English and annotated and explicated for lay readers by Carasik. Neal Sheindlin’s study guide helps the reader navigate the landscape of commentary and offers insights for enhancing the reader’s understanding of the biblical text.

The Shema: Spirituality and Law in Judaism

Dr. Norman Lamm

Study Guide by Rabbi Dr. Stanley M. Wagner

Lamm explores the relationship between spirituality and law in Judaism in this insightful volume. Wagner’s study guide offers a series of relevant questions, presented in four sections, to stimulate thoughtful discussion and encourage deeper contemplation of the text.

Inventing Jewish Ritual

Vanessa L. Ochs

Inventing Jewish Ritual, a 2007 National Jewish Book Award Winner, invites readers to explore how Jewish practice can be more meaningful through renewing, reshaping, and even creating new rituals. Ochs’ Leaders’ Guide suggests activities for exploring the meaning of Jewish objects, old and new; new ritual practices; ways to curate a mini-exhibit of contemporary Jewish life; and ways in which to conduct an ethnographic journey through one’s own Jewish life.

Elvina’s Mirror

By Sylvie Weil

Elvina’s Mirror is a young adult novel about the 14-year-old granddaughter of Rashi, the great French Bible and Talmud commentator. Weil’s Discussion Guide helps the middle reader to navigate the mysterious world of Medieval Europe, exploring pertinent topics and fostering a better understanding of Elvina’s world and the struggles facing European Jewry at that time.

Zayda was a Cowboy

By June Levitt Nislick

Zayda was a Cowboy is the extraordinary story of how the arrival of Zayda (Yiddish for "grandfather") forever changes the lives of one family, and one young boy in particular. Nislick’s Study Guide asks thought-provoking questions and provides background information on the Galveston Plan, a less-studied aspect of Jewish life in America in the late nineteenth century and early 20th century.

Lilith’s Ark: Teenage Tales of Biblical Women

Deborah Bodin Cohen

A remarkable collection of Midrash written for teenage girls, Lilith’s Ark focuses on the teen years of 10 women in Genesis. Rabbi Bodin Cohen’s Educational Leaders’ Guide includes pertinent facts for the educational leader, creative program suggestions and more.

In addition to our free online guides, we have also published a number of helpful study guide books, including Paul Steinberg’s Study Guide to Jewish Ethics, a companion to Elliot Dorff's three books on Jewish ethics: Matters of Life and Death, To Do the Right and the Good, and Love Your Neighbor and Yourself. The guide is designed for group as well as individual study.

We invite you to read and utilize these informative and thought-provoking tools!