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New from JPS: A Clear and Concise Handbook to the Jewish Bible

October 8, 2008

The Jewish Bible: A JPS Guide

Edited by the Jewish Publication Society

with advisors Shalom Paul, Fred Greenspahn, and Ziony Zevit

“In the world of the Bible, few names evoke more confidence than the Jewish Publication Society. Whether you study the Bible every day or are just returning to it after many years away, this book offers a gentle hand and a comprehensive eye that can help you get more out of the text. The Jewish Bible will quickly become the go-to book for casual and devoted students alike.”

- Bruce Feiler, author of Walking the Bible and Abraham

This new volume in the acclaimed JPS Guides series is an invaluable companion to the Jewish Bible, providing readers with ready access to important facts and Bible basics:

· how the Bible became the “Bible”; its origins, content, and organization.

· distinctions between the Jewish Bible (the Tanakh) and Christian Bibles

· a short history of Bible translations, and how they differ

· Bible commentaries

· storytelling, poetry, law, prophecy, and Wisdom literature

· popular methods of Bible study

· finding meaning through midrash

In addition, there are summaries of all the biblical books; dozens of boxes, an extensive glossary of Bible terms, places, and people; and maps, charts, and tables, along with timelines and family trees—all in color.

With contributions by leading Bible scholars and educators: Marc Zvi Brettler, Joyce Eisenberg, Michael Fishbane, Michael V. Fox, Frederick Greenspahn, Leonard Greenspoon, Jill Hammer, Stuart Kelman, Adriane Leveen, David Mandel, Lionel Moses, Shalom Paul, Adele Reinhartz, Nahum M. Sarna, Cullen Schippe, Benjamin Edidin Scolnic, Ellen Scolnic, David E. S. Stein, Chuck Steon, Jeffrey H. Tigay, Barry Dov Walfish, Andrea Weiss, and Ziony Zevit.

About the JPS Guides Series

The highly acclaimed JPS Guides series is a collection of concise reference books, each on a specific topic of key interest within Jewish studies. Each book in the series offers a practical and authoritative introduction to the subject, providing a diverse range of information in a handy and engaging format. The guides are designed for the general reader and appropriate for those with little formal Jewish knowledge, as well as those who want quick access to basic information.

$22 Paper; 300 pages; 7”x10” ISBN: 978-0-8276-0851-1

For more information contact Anita Bihovsky (800)-234-3151 ext. 50601 or email: