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News Archives: 2009

Ellen Frankel Valedictory Remarks
December 18, 2009

New Editions of Jewish Classics
December 3, 2009

JPS Offers FREE Downloadable Teachers/Readers Guides to Key Titles
November 15, 2009

Hanukkah is Almost Here!
November 9, 2009

From Krakow to Krypton: Jews and Comic Books Wins Another Honor!
October 22, 2009

At Last... the Second Volume in the Acclaimed Commentators' Bible series!
October 19, 2009

JPS Proudly Announces Groundbreaking Recording of Jewish Bible
October 14, 2009

New from JPS: Subversive Sequels in the Bible
September 30, 2009

You Don't Have to Be Jewish to Speak Jewish
September 30, 2009

Rediscover a Groundbreaking Interpretation of One of Judaism’s Greatest Philosophers
September 29, 2009

"Writing" a Jewish Children's Bible: Challenges and Opportunities
September 17, 2009

The Holidays are Almost upon Us! Are You Ready?
September 14, 2009

Why Be Social? Jewish Social Media
September 9, 2009

Tribute Event for Ellen Frankel
September 1, 2009

A Novel God: Looking at American Jewish Fiction
August 25, 2009

What’s Stimulating, Fun and Informative?
August 20, 2009

FREE Book Offer from JPS!
August 17, 2009

JPS Bible Commentaries -- The Gold Standard
August 10, 2009

What Makes the JPS Illustrated Children's Bible Different?
August 6, 2009

JPS: Poised for a Bright Future
July 27, 2009

Think "Back to School" with Colorful JPS Pocket Bibles!
July 23, 2009

The Jewish Bible: A JPS Guide Honored as "Best of the Best"
July 13, 2009

What We Can Learn from the JPS Blog -- Join Us!
July 8, 2009

JPS' 120th Anniversary Campaign a Success!
July 2, 2009

The Acclaimed JPS Guides: Handy Books on Key Jewish Topics
June 30, 2009

JPS CEO/Editor-in-Chief Ellen Frankel to Step Down
June 29, 2009

What would we, the "People of the Book," be without books?
June 19, 2009

Father’s Day is Right Around the Corner
June 12, 2009

Battling the Book Club Dilemma: What to Read Next?
June 1, 2009

Camp Obama vs. Shavuot: The Third Story
May 18, 2009

JPS CEO and Editor-in-Chief Ellen Frankel to be Honored
May 13, 2009

JPS to Co-Sponsor Forensic Scriptures Conference
May 11, 2009

Looking for the Ideal Graduation Gift?
May 7, 2009

Help Us Save The Lost Bible
May 1, 2009

Jerusalem Crown "Keter" Bible Now Available in the U.S. from JPS!
April 28, 2009

JPS eBooks -- Available Now!
April 22, 2009

Graduation and Confirmation Gifts -- at Affordable Prices
April 17, 2009

Keeping Vital Jewish Resources Alive
April 5, 2009

The latest book from the beloved founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement
March 30, 2009

Books You Want -- at Prices You Can Afford!
March 17, 2009

Elvina's Mirror -- New Young Reader Novel Set for Release
March 9, 2009

Torah 2.0 spotted by the Forward
March 5, 2009

Second NEH Grant Awarded to JPS for The Lost Bible
February 26, 2009

JPS Aims to Donate 2500 Pounds of Books
February 11, 2009

JPS is Proud to Announce our 2008 National Jewish Book Award Finalists
February 5, 2009

JPS is Pleased to Announce the reissue of a Classic Work on Jewish Religious Thought
January 28, 2009

New Release! Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Power
January 28, 2009

Celebrating the Jewish Year: The Essential Series on the Jewish Holidays
January 28, 2009

JPS Guide Series Special Discount Offer
January 19, 2009