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JPS Book Prospectus

Book Proposal Contents

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for publication consideration with The Jewish Publication Society. To help us determine if your work is a good fit with us, please send in a proposal as described here:


    State the book's title and subtitle, your name and contact information, and the JPS category or categories where it should be listed (see categories on our Submissions Guidelines page)

  2. Summary (Précis)

    Write a 300-500 description of the book: its "elevator speech" in effect.

  3. Author's Qualifications

    Provide your credentials and relevant previous publications. (Attach a longer cv/resume if appropriate.)

  4. Manuscript Package Details

    Estimate the length in words, the earliest delivery date (after contract), any permissions required, special needs (artwork, color, multiple languages…).

  5. Market & Audience

    List the four or five features of your book that will be most appealing to readers and therefore make it marketable.

    Identify which audiences will be likely to buy this book (scholars, rabbis, adult learners, general readers, etc.) How large is the market? Are there institutions or organizations who might buy the book in large quantities? If so, who and how many? Does it have potential as an undergraduate textbook, and, if so, what do you estimate its potential sales?

  6. Competition

    Describe what other books, if any, cover the same material. Are they in print? What are the differences/advantages to the proposed book? Will the market perceive the differences?

  7. Publicity and Promotion

    Explain how you will help promote the book. What publications will be likely to review it? At what conferences and speaking events will you appear? As a teacher/professor/clergy person, how will you generate interest in it?

  8. Introduction to the Book

    Provide a preface or introduction to the book, amplifying the brief summary above. Demonstrate what is most interesting about the book. If there is a particular thesis or overarching purpose to the book, state that clearly. Explain its structure and organization.

  9. Content Overview

    For each chapter, and major section within chapter, provide one short summary paragraph. If the work uses specialized materials-such as tables, illustrations, excerpts from other works-provide examples. List and describe appendixes and other supplements you plan to include.

  10. Excerpt

    In addition to the introductory material above, provide about 10% of a draft-preferably not all from the beginning of the book. This should be representative of rest of the book and show some of the most interesting elements in the proposed work.

Email or mail your completed proposal to:

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz
The Jewish Publication Society
2100 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Thank you.

  The JPS Review Process

If an editor decides that your project holds promise for our list, he or she may seek two or more outside reviews, in addition to our in-house review. To allow for careful consideration of a project, we give our readers six to eight weeks, on average, to complete their evaluation. When reviews are received, the editor may then ask for the author's response.

If the editor determines that the project is a strong candidate for publication, he or she will prepare a presentation for review by the Society's Editorial Committee, and then the Committee's recommendations are presented to the JPS Board of Trustees for formal approval. You will be notified soon after the Board vote. We make every effort to ensure that editorial decisions are made in a timely manner.