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James S. Diamond Ph.D.

James S. Diamond teaches in the Program in Judaic Studies at Princeton University. He combines two personal and professional personae, as a rabbi and an academic. Rabbi Diamond was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary, and he holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Indiana University in Bloomington. Adult Jewish learning has been a focal point throughout Diamond's career. In recent years, he has taught the Tanakh course in the Me'ah program, a two-year intensive adult Jewish learning program that is sponsored by the Hebrew College of Boston.

His speech topics include "How to Read the Weekly Torah Portion" (or anything related to Chumash, "S.Y. Agnon and Franz Kafka," "Reading Historically and Reading Midrashically: Two Approaches to Jewish Texts" and "60 Years of Isareli Literature: Major Trends and Writers." His talks are geared to young adults (including college students) and to adults.

Willing to Travel, $250 Minimum Honorarium Requested



James S. Diamond Ph.D. speaks in the New Jersey area on the following topics:

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