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Who's Who in the Jewish Bible

By David Mandel (author)

A guide to locating and learning about 3,000 people in the Bible

“Who’s Who in the Jewish Bible is the most thorough and comprehensive book of its kind, and an invaluable reference!” – University Press Books 2008

As the most comprehensive source on the subject, this book is a fascinating, informative, and indispensable tool for general readers and scholars, students and educators alike… Flip through its pages for a quick reference check or read it straight through, and discover the fascinating stories of men and women whose lives, teachings, and sayings continue to influence and impact our lives.” – Dallas Morning News Blog

In this fitting companion to the JPS Tanakh, David Mandel has undertaken the enormous task of cataloging every character in the Hebrew Bible. From Aaron to Zurishaddai, this comprehensive biographical dictionary gives readers the opportunity to get up close and personal with everyone named in the Bible--its patriarchs, matriarchs, and prophets, warriors and peacemakers, holy men and sinners, heroes and villains.

Arranged in an encyclopedic A to Z format, Who's Who in the Jewish Bible is much more than a catalog of names. It contains detailed biographical information as well as fascinating facts and intriguing stories, written in a contemporary narrative style, about all the Bible's characters. Each entry also includes the origin and meaning of the name, the dates he or she lived (if known), and the person's first appearance in the Bible by book, chapter, and verse.

Who's Who in the Jewish Bible is the most thorough and comprehensive book of its kind and an invaluable reference for students, teachers, rabbis, and anyone interested in knowing more about the people of the Hebrew Bible. Those who search for a name in the Bible, whether well–known or obscure, will be rewarded with well-organized information that will add new meaning and enjoyment to their reading.

About David Mandel

David Mandel was born in Lima, Peru, where his parents fled during the Holocaust. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania under Bible scholar Moshe Greenberg, and moved to Israel in 1970, where he founded Computronic Corporation, an Israeli software development company that specializes in biblical software. For his writing of Who's Who in the Jewish Bible, he has combined years of extensive personal research with his computer savvy and love for the Bible.