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Ethical Tales from the Kabbalah
Stories from the Kabbalistic Ethical Writings

By Aryeh Wineman (author)


Selected and translated from the Hebrew by Aryeh Wineman

Originally published under the title Beyond Appearances, these 54 tales recapture a rich yet virtually forgotten chapter in the history of Jewish narrative, forming the important transitional link between the esoteric mystical teachings of the sixteenth-century Kabbalists and the popular tales of the eighteenth-century Eastern European Hasidim.

About Aryeh Wineman

Aryeh Wineman is the author of The Hasidic Parable, Mystic Tales of the Zohar, and Ethical Tales from the Kabbalah. His speech topics include “Digging for Stories in Old Texts,” “The Hasidic Parable,” and “The Life of Stories - How Stories Change Over Time.”

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