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Survivors' Haggadah

By Saul Touster (editor)

Written, Designed, and Illustrated by Yosef Dov Sheinson

Woodcuts by Miklos Adler

"Holocaust survivors in Munich created an extraordinary haggadah used during the first Passover after liberation, the "A" Haggadah ... [this edition of] A Survivor's Haggadah... includes an English translation with the original Hebrew and Yiddish text...immediately and powerfully engages the reader..."
- Jewish Reporter

"This fascinating portrait of survival in the face of extermination deserves a special place at the seder table."
- Publishers Weekly, starred review

In the winter of 1945-1946, Holocaust survivors in displaced persons camps around Munich created an extraordinary illustrated haggadah in preparation for the first Passover after liberation. For five decades this unique book was all but forgotten. Now JPS is proud to issue a facsimile edition, previously translated into English and published by the American Jewish Historical Society only as a limited edition.

This is a haggadah written for and truly dedicated to the She'erith Hapletah, the Saved Remnant, "the few who escaped." Interwoven with the traditional Passover liturgy are two stories: that of the deliverance from Pharaoh in Egypt, and the Holocaust story of those Jews who survived Hitler. Bold illustrations vividly associate the biblical Exodus with the liberation from Nazi horror.