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Chanting the Hebrew Bible
The Complete Guide to the Art of Cantillation

By Joshua R. Jacobson (author)

A National Jewish Book Award Finalist

Audio CD included

Dr. Joshua R. Jacobsen is the Winner of the prestigious Cantors Assembly Kavod Award "in recognition of his extensive contributions to the field of Jewish Choral music.... In particular we are grateful for his comprehensive and scholarly research in cantillation. His recently published book, Chanting the Hebrew Bible is certain to be the ultimate source on this subject for many years to come."

"... an authoritative, exhaustively detailed survey of the history, structure, performance, and inculation of the trop ... ."
- The Jerusalem Report

Chanting the Hebrew Bible provides a fine history of the tradition and offers a comprehensive explanation of the practice, an explanation of regional variations and grammatical rules, and shows how chanting dramatizes and interprets the meaning within the biblical text. In addition, Jacobson shares his unique system of notation and supplies extensive examples of musical notation.


Producing a book as expansive and detailed as Chanting the Hebrew Bible was a big undertaking, and author Joshua Jacobson and JPS are very proud of this remarkable book. We feel sure that it will be the most important reference in its field for years to come.

Despite the fine efforts of all involved, we have found some errors in the book that we'd like to bring to your attention. Please download the errata to see a list of corrections to both English and Hebrew text. For corrections to the music, email and we will send you a pdf file, which you can view on screen and/or print out for reference.

About Joshua R. Jacobson

Joshua Jacobson is the author of Chanting the Hebrew Bible:The Complete Guide to the Art of Cantillation and Chanting the Hebrew Bible: Student Edition with Audio CD. His speech topics include “Music, Magic, and Spirit,” “How Jewish is Jewish Music?” and “Jewish Music and All that Jazz.”

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