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Matters of Life and Death
A Jewish Approach to Modern Medical Ethics

"[A] well-organized and comprehensively researched volume. The variety of sourcing from classic and contemporary Jewish scholars in theology, ethics, history, and law, along with the extensive bibliography and well-done index, render this work eminently useful."
- Choice

The International Society for Science and Religion has selected Matters of Life and Death as an element of the ISSR Library. The mission of the ISSR Library is "to provide a comprehensive resource for scholars, students, and interested lay readers in the area of science and the human spirit."

The incredible medical breakthroughs of today, like genetic engineering, in-vitro fertilizations, and cloning have transformed long-held beliefs on the nature of both life and death, raising difficult moral and religious questions. In Matters of Life and Death Elliot Dorff thoroughly addresses this unavoidable confluence of medical technology and Jewish law and ethics.