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The Brothers Schlemiel

By Mark Binder (author), Zevi Blum (illustrator)

Thanks to Sue and Bernie Pucker; Gigi and Michael Pucker; Leslie and Ken Pucker; Marcie and Jon Pucker; Sharon Pucker Rivo and Elliott Rivo; Lisa E. Rivo; Jessica Millstone and Steve Rivo; Rebecca Rivo; all of Ida Faye Pucker's great grandchildren for making publication of this book possible.

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Laugh through the streets of Chelm

Congratulations to author Mark Binder on the selection of his recent book A Hanukkah Present as a National Jewish Book Awards Runner-Up in the category of Jewish Family Literature. The National Jewish Book Award Winner in this category was the JPS book The Power of Song.

Mark Binder continues the tradition of the town of Chelm, whose mythical residents are slightly confused – or maybe a little dense – but always in good humor.” – JTNews

I can see teachers reading it to classes, parents and grandparents reading it to kids at bedtime and everyone laughing heartily.” – Ottawa Jewish Bulletin

Welcome to the town of Chelm, Poland, a place filled with lovable fools sure to provide laughter for the entire family.

The Brothers Schlemiel follows the lives of identical twins Adam and Abraham from birth to adulthood as they encounter thieves, Gypsies, kings, and love, celebrate good luck, and face challenges to their Jewish identity and family loyalty.

Color illustrations by acclaimed artist Zevi Blum accompany the tale, turning the adventures of Adam and Abraham into a visual delight.

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About Mark Binder

Mark Binder is the author of The Brothers Schlemiel. His speech topics include “The Tales of Chelm,” “The Art of Peace,” “Story Making and Story Telling,” and “Holiday and Simcha Stories.” He’s a National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature Finalist and a Storytelling World Honor Award Winner. His talks are tailored to suit the ages and interests of a variety of audiences.

Willing to Travel, $300 Honorarium Requested

About Zevi Blum

Zevi Blum, noted for the painstaking precision of his technique, has had his work appear in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, Germany, and Switzerland.