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Masterpieces of Hebrew Literature
Selections from 2000 Years of Jewish Creativity

By Curt Leviant Ph.D. (editor)

The classic anthology of major works, from the Apocrypha to the 18th century

"The first anthology in English to attempt an in-depth presentation of Hebrew literature in English translation. ...This volume comes especially recommended."
--The Nation

"This book provides easy access to primary source material for the student of Judaism and is an important contribution to the field of world literature."
--Review and Expositor

Masterpieces of Hebrew Literature is a true masterpiece of its own--one of the few collections in which readers can find important works of Jewish tradition and culture by such authors as Rashi, Maimonides, Judah Halevi, and Joseph Caro, all in one place. Curt Leviant includes literature that spans many genres, from fiction and poetry to legal, ethical, and midrashic works; from responsa and Biblical commentary to histories and letters. His brief introductions place the works and their authors in historical perspective.

About Curt Leviant Ph.D.

Curt Leviant, Ph.D. is the author of The Man Who Thought He Was Messiah and the editor of Masterpieces of Hebrew Literature. His speech topics include “The Stories of S.Y. Agnon,” “The Stories of Nachman of Bratzlav,” and “The Golem.” He is an award-winning author and translator.

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