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Wise and Not So Wise
Ten Tales from the Rabbis

By Phillis Gershator (author), Alexa Ginsburg (illustrator)

Thanks to Goldie and Abram Cohen, Betty Ann and D. Walter Cohen, Josephine Cohen, Amy Sue Cohen, Jane and Martin Millner, and Rachel, Lauren, and Michael Millner for making publication of this book possible.

Now in Paperback!

A 2005 National Jewish Book Award Finalist

Ages 6 and up

"This delightful collection of stories...blends wisdom with humor... the illustrations and inviting format join with the stories to comprise one outstanding package!"
- Jewish Book World

"This appealing book is enticing to read."
- Hadassah Magazine

"An appealing collection ... written in simple yet effective language that preserves their richness and charm without becoming didactic."
- School Library Journal

Talmudic and midrashic folklore use the teachings of the ancient sages to answer questions and teach moral lessons, often with a dash of humor. In this delightful collection of stories, Phillis Gershator takes these spiritual and folkloric elements and weaves them together with her own unique humor and wisdom to create a very special version of the wondrous tales that have captivated readers for centuries.

Gershator, inspired by hearing talmudic and midrashic tales from her late father-in-law (a rabbi), has assembled ten of her favorites in this volume. Stories of flying rabbis, miraculous loaves of bread, wise women, muscle-bound angels, and goats that carry bears on their heads will enchant children of all ages and those who read to them.

From "Making It Rain," about a husband and wife who helped bring rain to a parched land, to "The Observant Cow," a religious cow who manages to convert a nonbeliever into an observant Jew, each story contains lessons, truths, jokes, surprises, and happy endings. Author's notes help readers understand the subtle meaning of each story.

About Phillis Gershator

Phillis Gershator is the author of 20 books for children, including Honi's Circle of Trees (JPS, 1995). Gershator, who lives in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is a former children's librarian and a longtime RIF volunteer. She is a recipient of the Anne Izard Storyteller's Choice Award.

About Alexa Ginsburg

Alexa Ginsburg holds a BFA from Cooper Union College. She is a graphic artist, a designer of homemade textiles, and the owner of a computer services company. She is the illustrator of Wise and Not So Wise: Ten Tales from the Rabbis (JPS 2004) and The Power of Song (JPS, 2007).